Australia’s Wildlife: Why Is It So Special?

By Mike Hussy Andy 2012

There are a number of reasons why Australia’s wildlife stands out compared to wildlife on other continents. First and foremost, Australia’s wildlife lives in a mega diverse continent. This continent has a diverse range of habitats. You will fine tropical rainforests here as well as alpine heaths. Therefore, a variety of animals can live here that can’t survive in other parts of the world.

Secondly, most of the mammals, reptiles and flora found on this continent can’t be found anywhere else. No wonder wildlife tours here are so popular. Lastly, you will fall in love with the diverse wildlife. Everybody wants to spot a koala bear or see a kangaroo up close.

This is probably why people of all ages enjoy taking wildlife tours. During your tour, you will also get to learn a lot of interesting facts about wildlife. Here are some interesting facts about Australia’s wildlife:

  1. Do you love the Tasmanian devil from Looney Tunes? Then you will be happy to find this animal only in Australia. Most people don’t know that this animal is one of the largest marsupials around.
  2. In day tours, you will also find the largest crocodile in the world- the Saltwater crocodile. The male saltwater crocodile can grow up around 5 meters! They are referred as “salties.”
  3. Australia is the only continent where non-poisonous snakes are less than the poisonous ones! So be careful when you spot a snake!
  4. When it comes to flora, this continent has more than 20,000 species of plants! This is amazing because Europe only has around 17,500 species. Australia also has wildflowers in 12,000 varieties.
  5. You will find little penguins on mainland Australia. You can watch their antics on your day tours.
  6. The koala is awake for only five hours, out of which it spends three hours eating.
  7. The Brolga is known as Australia’s ‘dancing’ bird. During the mating season, the male Brolga dances to attract the female.
  8. Sharks are very common in Australia. Be on the lookout for them.


So if you are fascinated by Mother Nature’s wonders, you should go to Australia for an interesting holiday. Apart from interesting wildlife, this continent also has beautiful beaches, splendid architecture and breath-taking landscapes. You can enjoy a variety of adventurous sports like bungee jumping, scuba diving and sky diving in this country. So don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime and go down under to revel nature’s beauty.

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