Returning Boomerangs – Boomerang Training Trio – 3 Wing Boomerangs

By Kent Saint John 2010

Have you seen those amazing 3-winged boomerangs flying over the crowd at gun shows, sportsman’s shows, festivals, home and garden shows, etc. and they come back to the thrower every time? If you have you’ve seen that they attract a lot of attention and kids of all ages immediately want one.

They are a high impulse item and most people who buy them don’t believe that they will really work. They just buy them for their kids and just chuckle when their young son keeps winging his boomerang and chasing it across the room or yard. However, they are amazed when their 7 year old girl throws a boomerang for the first time and watches it circle and come right back to her. What happened? How is this possible?

The fact that no one read the instructions makes this feat even more unbelievable, except for one very important thing – girls are natural overhand throwers and most boys throw everything sidearm. Boomerangs must be held vertically and thrown overhand, and with a little practice, they’ll come back to you every time. Boomerangs return as a result of the combined principles of aerodynamic lift and gyroscopic precession.

Now that summer is coming, and you know that boomerangs actually work, it’s time to spend some quality time outdoors with your kids or friends and check out “The Returning Boomerangs Training Trio.” Three boomerangs that teach the correct way to throw in 3 easy steps:

The “Boomerang” is for the beginner – it flies out about 5 feet and is mastered in about 30 minutes.

The “Finger-spinner” backyard boomerang is for the intermediate thrower and the beginner who has mastered the “Boomerang” – it flies out about 15 feet and should be mastered in about 15 minutes.

The “Invertible” is for the accomplished boomer and the intermediate thrower who has mastered the “Finger-spinner” – it flies out about 30-40 feet and should be mastered after about 3 or 4 throws.
The modern sport of boomerangs as we know it today began in the 1960s. Today, there are 25 countries with national boomerang organizations and World Boomerang Championship held every to years.

Today’s modern boomerangs are sports equipment and should be treated with the same respect as a baseball. Baseballs and boomerangs both can be dangerous when used carelessly. When used properly, they are safe and fun.

Boomerang skills in tournaments are tested in four main ways: accuracy, distance, speed, and trick catching. In our backyard we have fun throwing and catching boomerangs, but we also play other games with the 3 winged “Finger-spinners” such as: ring toss and closest to the circle. They also make great toys for your dog – they can also fly like a disc and are made of a super durable high-impact plastic. For more information and to get in on the fun, visit Saint John’s Ark Angels Boomerang Store at []

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